Alyn World

Arrival at Old Shelf

Fun Times at the Circus

1493 DR Buddlyn 19-24

After resting in Thali, the rest of the party got word from Jold that he found Bob’s journal. The party departed Thali for the mainland in their newly acquired schooner to continue to investigate the thin fragments of knowledge they had learned. After an uneventful four-day journey, they entered the port of Old Shelf in the Hrenyk Republic.

Skulk, Saabak, Bell, and Breath from Ore ventured to the tavern Davern to seek leads on the mysterious P.T. and the monk known as Water Over Stone. They proceeded to look into local news of recent bombings, allegedly the doing of monarchists. After reaching a dead end questioning the dead, they followed a lead at the library, looking into the history of the sealing stones. At the Old Shelf Library, they learned that P.T. had visited the old shelves himself a few days prior and was clearly also trying to discern the locations of the other stones.

That evening, looking for some possible entertainment, the party sneaked into the circus. Marvolo the Great’s act was interrupted with an explosion and the party followed some suspicious people outside and into another tent. After an intense battle, the party won out. They discovered a map that suggested the suspicious persons were responsible for the other bombings and that other locations might soon be targeted soon. There was also evidence that the bombers were indeed connected with the Haylyn royal family. The party decided the best course of action was to flee the scene and take all the evidence, rather than deal with the local constabulary. In a heroic turn, they made haste to one of the locations marked on the map to try to prevent another bombing.



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